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Source of Supply

There are basically two ways we produce our products: wholesale and retail. So let’s talk about this attentively.

With a number of workmen in our furniture factory, we design and make retail furniture through these workers’ hands parts by parts. Therefore, we purchase raw materials from Southern China, and then start to produce finished good on our own. There is also another way we do retail that with a big interest in antique, we actually buy curios from Northern China and Antique Markets. After we get them, we clean these antiques carefully, and we identify their value with our knowledge in the furniture antique appraisal.

Another way we do our business is wholesaling. So it is basically mean we purchase semi finished products, and assemble them together in our factory. This is even easier than retail because we just buy parts from other furniture seller in Beijing. We connect with these furniture sellers, and they provide us a large number of semi finished products.

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Furniture Industries

There is a research my friend did on furniture industries. I think he is thoughtful on the research project. So I pick some main ideas from his work

By Bohao Li

“The wholesale furnishing trade is a huge one in the world and especially in the North America. The industry supplies both to household and commercial markets. It is basically categorized into three main areas in the business of furnishings, namely: Residential furniture/furnishings, commercial (office or corporate) and hospitality (hotels, motels, resorts etc.). Residential furnishings section is the largest with about two-thirds of production output. Many states and territories of North American countries have established wholesale furnishing trade, providing employment to thousands of their customers.

The wholesale furnishing trade in North America countries booms because of its unrivalled quality of the products. United States, for example, is famed for its high-end furnishing materials and products in that do not only export to its neighbors like Canada and Mexico but also outside the continent into Europe and Africa. The quality is brought by the expertise of the North Americans and also use of very excellent raw material both from home from other places like Asia. North American furniture has continued to get tough competitors from Asian companies in terms of quality. A good example is Dragon Heir, a furnishing store in China. The wholesale which deals woods and produces all kinds of furniture to sale in China and Canada has become increasingly popular for its finest selection of quality antiques and furnishings.”

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Ming and Qing dynasty antique furniture are celebrated components of Chinese culture. Combining exquisite design and highly detailed workmanship and carving, these treasured antiques convey China’s rich history and culture.

Antiques from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) are often considered the model of Chinese furniture. Carpentry skills learned from the Song and Yuan dynasties were combined with increased prosperity, and imported hardwood from Southeast Asia giving rise to furniture of simple elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Ming pieces are recognized by fluid lines and appealing proportions. In Ming furniture the natural beauty of the wood is emphasized along with open carving and latticework.

The later Qing (1644-1911) style became larger and more imposing than its Ming predecessor. Carving was more elaborate and decorative inlays became signatures of Qing pieces.

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As my About Me page said, I’m an intermediary at the Dragon Heir Chinese Traditional Furniture Company, so my blog will be focus on Chinese Traditional Furniture, and the process of designing, making, and selling these furniture.

Dragon Heir is a family tradition of furniture manufacturing from Beijing, China. With the unique of fascination to attract people, the feature of Chinese style furniture is elegant and cultural. It is our mission to bring the finest selection of quality antiques and furnishings to the world market. The company is named Dragon Heir, which means descendants of the dragon, because dragon is the metaphor for the Chinese nation,so Chinese people call themselves the descendants of the dragon. By using this name, our company wants to keep this Chinese culture and popularize it to the world.

I personally like Chinese traditional furniture because I grew up in China, and I seen these kind of cultural stuff everyday in my life. When I saw some foreigners came to china and liked our culture, I was happy and wanted to promote this culture to the world someday to let people know more about my country. Also, I like moods. I like trees and their smell. When I see those woods in furniture, I feel like there’s always some history behind them that makes them meaningful. Thus, it is interesting to know about moods and furniture.

Anyways, I hope you will like and get to know Chinese traditional furniture through my blog, and please follow me.

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